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Blessed with the best

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Bi-Annual Softball Tournaments

Next Event!!!
Men & Women: April 12th-April 14th
Co-Ed: April 26th-April 28th
3 Day softball Tournament
All proceeds help us build and inclusive playground!! 

Homerun Derby men and women at 7pm

Saturday & Sunday: Play ball at 8am

How the Tournaments works:

These Ausome Tournaments are hosted twice a year in Weatherford Tx at the Holland Lake Softball Fields! The City of Weatherford graciously allows us to take up the fields for an entire weekend for fun, softball games, growth, inclusion, community support and learning.  Teams come from ALL over Texas, some have come from FAR FAR west Texas, Louisianna and even Oklahoma to compete in this heartfelt tournament. They come out with custom jerseys specifically for this tournament supporting/representing the ability they chose, and they come with only 1 request. A hero to be placed on their team. We have had 52 teams, yes 52 show up to play ball for AND with special needs of all ages and abilities and 43 heroes show up to hit home runs.  During the AUsome Allen Tournaments there is tons taking place to help raise money to send special needs to summer camp and bring awareness to inclusion for and with special needs.  There are bounce houses donated by CRAZY Casa, dunking booth donated by the Peaster Fire Department, yard games with prizes, face painting and henna Tattoos by the Amazing Mckinley, food which is donated by Antebellum Ale House and Northside Remedy, snow cones, vendor shopping and SENSORY STATIONS!!  

These heroes sign up throughout the months like the teams do to be placed on the teams' rosters. We contact the coaches and get the heroes on the teams. (Some teams come out with jerseys for their players!! The smile on their faces when they do is the best!!) The foundation does our best to make sure we have enough Jerseys and Medals for the heroes to have during the games, these perfect jerseys have been donated and designed by BC Apparel Mr. Steel is the one to use! 

*If you don't get your hero signed up and show up the day of the tournament that is perfectly fine too, we will get them on a team! 



The games start at 8am with the National Anthem sang to you by the ausome hero Tommy bringing lots of tears! 

Come to the AUsome Allen Tent and we will get your hero directed to their first of many teams for the days! Their names are on the roster, and they will hang out with their teammates in the dugouts and out on the field when it is their turn. 

The heroes will get their chance to show us all up! When it is their turn, we pause the time clock and draw attention to the field, surrounding it with people who want to do nothing but show love and support. MCIng the entire situation. We assist in all ways possible to make the game happen for them. They will hit the ball and run the bases, the ball is overthrown, and the tags are missed, all the way to home plate. Once the hero touches home there is not a dry eye in site because of the joy and smile on the heroes' face. The joy it brings to spend time with these heroes in unexplainable. 

We ask you to come out and bring your kids, we encourage you to so the kids can interact with the special needs, not only does it change the lives of these ausome people, but what it does to your child's heart is one that will last forever! 

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Goal for the April tournaments:

Raise $60,000

This will help us make payments to begin the clearing process, legality paperwork, finishing of the playground design process, and some of the most needed piece of equipment to make this playground 200% wheelchair accessible are the wheelchair ramps. We would like to purchase 2 ramps at roughly $15,000 (ea) These double wide ramps allow for wheelchairs to pass along side others while on the ramp. In addition to this we would still like to send out devoted $7,000 for heroes to attend summer camp. 

To learn more about the AUsome Allen Playground visit our playground tab :) 

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About the hitting clinic 

Friday, September 22nd bring your kids out to Holland Lake Park to learn from a true Team USA softball player. As the only person to win both the ASA/USA and USSSA batting titles in the same year Filip Washington is a legend. For the last 4 years he has traveled the world with team USA playing softball keeping the highest OBP of all time as well as a .839 hitting average for the year.

Every year Filip takes time out of his schedule to come out the night before our Ausome Allen softball tournament to run a hitting clinic. At this clinic your children can learn basic techniques to help improve their swing, base running, and fielding.

Filip Washington is sponsored by Juno bats and dedicates his time to help not only your child but The Ausome Allen Foundation. We are a non-profit for special needs of all ages and abilities, hosting one of the largest softball tournaments in Texas with and for special needs. His softball skills are off the charts but his heart for special needs and kids is unmatched. Watch him bring more joy to your kid as they learn new skill sets, make new friends, swing for the fence, and how to love and respect the game in a whole new way. He may play softball but don’t let that discourage you, he is just as good at baseball.  

When: Friday September 22, 2023

Where: Holland Lake Softball Fields Weatherford Tx

Time: 5pm

Cost: $35-per person (Filip donates a portion back to Ausome Allen)

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