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AUsome Allen Events!!!

6th Bi-Annual Benefit Softball Tournament with and for special needs!!! 

Next Event!!!
September 22nd:
Hitting Clinic W/Flip Washington 5pm
Homerun Derby 7pm 
September 23rd-24th 8am start time

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It's time to play ball to change the world with & for special needs!! 

The Ausome Allen Foundation hosts one of the largest softball tournaments in Texas with and for special needs heroes, of all ages and abilities. We get teams from ALL over Texas, and we have been blessed to have teams come as far as Oklahoma, Louisiana, and we even get a phenomenal, life changing ball player who is..... AUTISTIC, he is from Illinois. He is an autistic player who travels all over the world competing doing what he loves, bringing back the love of the game to those who watch him! His name is Spencer and during the AUsome Allen tournament he plays on both men and co-ed teams.  putting his heart and effort into every move made on the field.  

If you play slow pitch, under hand ball you have heard of Evan Lang and Flip Washington, these two men bring a lot of joy and heart touching moments onto the field for these heroes. Dancing when one misses a pitch, to jumping in to help these heroes hit and run the bases. Flip comes out and does a batting clinic for these heroes. He helps us spread awareness as he hosts his clinics at the ausome allen softball tournament. With 60 teams, Texas Ranger Alumnis and Captain to make these heroes feel like the celebrities brings joy to all of our hears.

These heroes come out and get a customized jersey and medal and are placed on one of the teams tha that come out for them. The heroes will hang out in the dugout with the players, their name on  

Thank you to our sponsors!

ALL Proceeds go towards our city approved special needs playground with a wheelchair accessible treehouse!!

Ausome 2023 Flyer_September_nosponsors_digital (3).jpg
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