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The Ausome Allen foundation is family ran and operated! The foundation was created and named after Ricky & Ericas son Ausome Allen!

Ericas mom Sam, her sister Linda are the backbone of the foundation along with her husband Ricky. The crazy fun ideas by Erica for all events are made possible by her 3 biggest fans.  

The Howell Family is a small family of 10 amazing children together! The ages range from early 20's Jesstin to toddler fun age 3 Miss sassy Kindal. There is never a dull moment as Erica is the prankster along with their son Evan. This couple has their own baseball team!

Erica Howell: Has always wanted a large family. "My dream has come true. I have my childhood crush as a husband, we have our perfectly wild and crazy family, and together we serve and ausome God. I pray every day we as a community and the world will continue to grow in Christ and change the world for special needs."

 Ricky Howell: Helps make Ericas' dreams come true, but also owns and operates Hartin Tree Service, coaches their girls and son in Basketball, soccer and baseball/softball.  

Camp Submission Form

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