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Our Goals

The Ausome Allen foundation hosts events throughout the year to raise money for special needs of all ages and abilities to attend summer camp. Summer camp is full of experiences and memories that will forever change special needs to better themselves and their future! 

We have been approved by the city of Weatherford to build a special needs playground with 2 birthday party rooms, onsite therapy and a wheelchair accessible treehouse! We are hoping to be able to build a basketball court, track, soccer and football fields for special needs sporting events. To make this happen we are hosting a benefit concert on June 17th 2023!! 

Our forever goal is to build a housing community built just for special needs heroes! A place they can call home! Where things are made just for them! This ranch will have onsite caregivers and tiny homes accommodating for the hero to live in. They will be able to attend church as well as going to work throughout the week! This ranch will also host ranch camps that the people living onsite will help run along with volunteers! 




Our Mission

The AUsome Allen Foundations goal is to help special needs heroes of ALL ages and ALL abilities feel included and loved while providing them with knowledge and comfort to give them the fullest life possible. We host events throughout the year for and with special needs to raise money to make dreams come true for them.  We start by sending them to summer camp for experiences and memories they will never forget, then with lots of prayers, hard work and determination we are building a playground that gives these heroes a place to hang out, to one day providing them with their forever home and community at our future Ausome Allen Ranch. A home and community that is fit and built just for them. The Ausome Allen foundation wants to educate our community about ways to include special needs and making them feel as loved as God intended them to.

Softball Tournament

The AUsome Allen Foundation is proud to announce that we host one of the LARGEST softball tournaments in Parker County. Each tournament we break our own record!!! 

This was how we began our fundraising with our softball family! on September 24th and September 25th 2022 we had over 52 teams show up to spread love and awareness for special needs of all ages and abilities. All proceeds raised during the softball tournament go to sending special needs to summer camp, and our tournaments are known to be one of the most fun tournaments to participate in. We are family friendly and encourage you to bring your family and friends out to leave with a happy heart. There is so much to do to keep everyone entertained. Bounce house, yard games with prizes, vendor shopping, face painting, henna tattoos, food, sensory stations and surprise guests! 

We have hosted several very successful softball tournaments bringing in over 20,000 people, with the total of 138 teams entered, (men and co-ed teams) 98 ausome people placed on teams, vendor shopping, yard games with prizes, dunking booth, bounce house, henna tattoos, face painting and so much more to keep everyone smiling, full of encouragement and coming back. There is no ability we cannot accommodate for so an ausome person can get to play. All abilities are encouraged to come out and join us. 


Check out our tournaments tab for more information!! 

Get your teams signed up today. 

Community Involvement

We are always looking for ways to get involved in the community. From school functions such as fall festivals and roo festivals, to large community events like National Night Out, trunk or treats serving at center of hope and more. We would be honored to be a part of your festivities! We bring face painting and or henna tattoos, sensory station, games and fun all while educating about our foundation, what we plan on doing and ways to include special needs!

We encourage kids of all ages to come out and participate in our events to help bring happiness to special needs but also joy into your kids' heart! Changing the world one smile and helping hand at a time! 


Our foundation not only sends special needs of all ages and abilities to summer camp, and are building a special needs playground, and plan on build forever housing community, but we also have been blessed with electric wheelchairs that are ready for their homes. These chairs are in perfect condition with all of the bells and whistles If you know someone in need, we would be happy to donate it to them! 

The AUsome Allen Foundation has made connections with The Parker Couty Hospital District so we are now able to provide an abundance of resources to special needs and their families. We are working on a plan to host monthly luncheons/gatherings to expand our knowledge and resources onto those who need them! From pregnancy, therapy, dental, emotional support and more!  These gatherings will provide hope, fun and resources for special needs of all ages and abilities! 

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Help enable individuals on the AUsome spectrum and their families to live more fully functional lives.

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