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AUsome Allen Inclusive Playground

Inclusive Playground Destination 


Ausome Allen Inclusive 2 story treehouse!! 

This playground will be a destination for everyone. There will be a one of a kind first of its kind, wheelchair accessible treehouse! All the way up, around and down. The 2nd story will be accessible using the topography, creating more sensory and educational play. There will be ramps that allow access inside of the treehouse as well as around it. At the top of the treehouse and around there will overlooking areas, that showcases the playground for them to enjoy all the love built for them. 

(No pic yet of the future treehouse as we are still working with the design team)

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Available Physical Therapy and workout equipment

There will be 10 pieces of physical therapy/workout equipment setup and around the outside of the playground. Providing a walking path that also allows regular everyday physical activity activities.  

HealthBeat Circuit was thoughtfully designed for all ages and abilities to exercise in a community setting, making the benefits of a fitness facility free and accessible to everyone.

Fitness equipment for strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility training engaging all muscle groups are all covered by integrated shade to provide protection from the sun while exercising.

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We go Swing 

This is a swing that is made for wheelchairs. It allows access for them and their friends and family to join them for a great time. We play, we laugh, we swing! The We-Go-Swing® is a revolutionary step forward in inclusive play experiences. Designed to be integrated into the playground setting, this swing lets kids of all abilities play together and experience the thrill of swinging. With no need to transfer, the We-Go-Swing opens up a whole new world of playground fun.

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AUsome Stops * AAC Devices

There will be AUsome Stops also known as AAC devices that will be specifically designed for the AUsome Allen playground. These devices will not allow and help improve communication between heroes and their loved ones but will have ways to learn and communicate about the trees, and wildlife they will see and could possibly encounter while at the playground or on the nature trail. Picture below is an example of an AAC device. Once ours are designed we will update the picture. 

AAC Device.jpg

AUsome Rubber puzzle floor

The floor of this playground will be made up of rubber allowing access in all angles, everywhere for wheelchairs, walkers and people who need assistance. There will be nothing that isn't accessible for a special needs hero. Inside of the rubber pieces will be our sponsors logos mimicking the Hollywood stars! 

*Will have a pic design soon.

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AUsome ZIpLine for everyone

Everyone loves to zipline, so why not include special needs heroes in on the fun!!! A first-time experience of gliding through the air, racing your friends...what a time. Kids of all abilities can experience the thrill of flying with ZipKrooz®! The molded bucket seat with lock-in-place harness provides stability and security for kids with limited core strength. Pair with ZipKrooz Additional Bay to ensure a truly inclusive play experience where kids of all abilities can play side-by-side. ZipKrooz was engineered for exceptional quality, comfort and safety. Kids are lining up for ZipKrooz!


The images below are from pictures that our design team has previously designed that is helping inspire ideas for our playground! Please note that some pictures have our AUsome Allen playground information on them. 

This amazing one of a kind destination will cost roughly $4million dollars! 

We know this park will forever change the lives of these heroes and their families but it will also impact the lives of those who come and play! 

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Screenshot_20240102_235441_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg
Screenshot_20240102_235439_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg
Screenshot_20240102_235734_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg
Screenshot_20240102_235615_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg
Screenshot_20240102_235432_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg
Screenshot_20240102_235740_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg

The Ausome Allen destination playground will need approximately 35 of these ramps to make it 200% accessible from all angles. Each ramp makes it possible for wheelchairs to play alongside one another as well as hangout with their friends as they experience this playground!! These ramps are what makes an inclusive playground an inclusive playground!!!

The first step in building an inclusive playground is making sure it's accessible for all children. The Accessible Double-Wide Ramp does just that. By connecting play products, this playground ramp creates equitable access for children and grown-up companions of all abilities. Each ramp ranges from $10-$15,000.



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