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Ausome Allen


Here at The AUsome Allen Foundation our goal is to help special needs heroes of ALL ages and ALL abilities feel included and loved while providing them with knowledge and comfort to give them the fullest life possible. We host events throughout the year that include special needs to raise money to make dreams come true for them.  We start by sending them to summer camp for experiences and memories they will never forget, then with lots of prayers, hard work and determination we want to build a playground that gives these heroes a place to hang out, to one day providing them with their forever home and community at our future Ausome Allen Ranch. A home and community that is fit and built just for them. The Ausome Allen foundation wants to educate our community about ways to include special needs and making them feel as loved as God intended them to.


The AUsome Allen Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit created for special needs of all ages and abilities to attend summer camp. The purpose of our foundation is to give special needs and their community the chance to feel like everyone else, educate others on ways to include special needs, all while giving them the experiences we all accidentally take for granted daily.

The Ausome Allen Foundation is able to provide resources and support to special needs and their families from Medical to emotional support! 

We are here to help!!! 

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The Game | Softball Tournaments:

What parent doesn't want to cheer their kids on while participating in a sport or activity they love? Well, we do our best to make that happen here at the AUsome Allen Foundation! The foundations' goal is to give these AUsome people a chance to feel like a team member, help them gain self-confidence, boost their self-esteem, let them know they can do anything they want with the love and support of so many people, and one of our biggest wants is to help them see how absolutely perfect we think they are and how much love they show us, we want to return to them. We do this by hosting our bi-annual softball tournaments. *One of the largest softball tournaments in Parker County!!!  We include special needs and their families in our activities and the games!  Being a part of a team gains a sense of pride and accomplishment that we as parents know is special and important. Check out How the Tournaments work! 




The AUsome Allen foundation hosts events throughout the year to raise money for special needs of all ages and abilities to attend summer camp, where they grow mentally and physically with confidence and knowledge that will impact them for a lifetime.  At summer camp they get to but most certainly not limited to fishing, hiking, swimming, gardening, horseback riding, life skills and so much more. At camp they experience things that they will never forget, and these opportunities helps special needs in more ways than one that better their future. And of course, as a parent of a special needs hero I cried more happy tears to see my son surrounded by others like him and in their own community! 




We have been approved through the City of Weatherford to build a special needs playground with a wheelchair accessible treehouse, birthday party rooms and onsite therapy!! 

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​More AUSOMEness

Our foundation not only sends special needs of all ages and abilities to summer camp, but we also have been blessed with electric wheelchairs that are ready for their homes. These chairs are given away during our tournament to people in need. We were blessed with our first one on 99.5 the wolf. Our story was heard on there and NBC 5 & WFAA 8 which led to the donation of 3 more chairs!

We cannot wait to continue to spread the love and blessings that the Ausome Allen foundation continues to be blessed

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